Imperious Sex
My name is Max. So I basically got bored and wanted a personal blog again so this is for my complaining and to show my love for the following and more: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, Elementary, Sherlock, Starkid, Torchwood, and The Muppets. I'm 21 years old and that's all you need to know.

Finally got to go to the comic store this week. Here is my pull list though I haven’t read anything yet.

Any body know if any of these are good buys?

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    I can vouch for Avengers Assemble as, possible, the most laugh out loud book I’ve read in a long time. All New X-Men #1...
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    All New X-Men and Avengers Assemble are both amaaaaaazing.
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    All New X-Men is pretty good. I”m excited to see what’s going to happen. AA #9: A++++ WOULD BUY MANY TIMES OVER AND READ...
  4. panickyintheuk said: Avengers Assemble #9 is one of the best comics I have ever read.
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    Anybody want to chime in?
  6. redhoodrising said: All-New X-Men was decent. It was just a #1 though, setting it up for the future.
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